Hello, one and all! I am Silver S.D. I am an artist when I'm allowed to be. This right here is my art blog! You'll see commissions, doodles, and all sorts of neat things here! Also I'll make a few personal posts here and there, but I do my best to keep that to a minimum. I you'll find the tag lower in this description, so if you don't wan to know what's on my mind or anything of the sort, please block the tag. <:
Contact info is in the links below!
Also, um. I tend to submit very random things. I might submit one particular subject a lot for a while, then stop posting it completely. Please be patient with that!!
Tracking the tag silversd!
PLEASE NOTE: If you follow me, please don't expect me to follow you back! This is an alt acount-I can't follow anyone with this one even if I wanted!
Personal tag: Silver Talks


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